Here are a few key reasons why it makes sense for the finance transformation to spearhead an ERP implementation:

Alignment with strategic goals – A new ERP system will directly impact and aim to improve finance operations and processes. The finance transformation lead understands the pain points, objectives and desired future state for finance, so is best placed to drive an implementation that enables the transformation.

Holistic view – The finance transformation lead has visibility into all aspects of the function – financial reporting, controls, planning, analysis etc. This holistic view ensures the ERP platform addresses the full scope of finance needs across operations, systems and people.

Stakeholder engagement – Given the finance transformation lead’s relationships with finance executives and the teams, they can effectively communicate the rationale for the ERP change and secure buy-in across the function.

Subject matter expertise – The finance transformation lead has in-depth knowledge of finance systems, data, and processes. This allows them to set requirements, make design decisions and configure the ERP for optimal performance.

Resource coordination – The finance transformation lead can coordinate finance resources and teams to participate in requirements planning, testing, training and other ERP implementation activities in sync with the broader finance transformation roadmap.

Change management – The finance transformation lead brings change management skills to help the finance organization and employees transition to new ERP-enabled processes and technology.

Longer-term vision – The finance transformation lead can plan the ERP implementation as part of a longer-term roadmap, ensuring it provides a scalable platform for future finance needs.

In summary, the finance transformation lead is best positioned to align ERP systems and solutions to overarching finance strategic goals and transformation priorities. Their leadership of the implementation brings focus, expertise and strategic orientation.